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BO-BORSA Clutch Bags – Why Tyvek® is The Perfect Material?

What do you want from a clutch bag? You want something that is lightweight, strong and yet flexible. But, above all, you want something that looks good, something that will stand out, something that will be noticed and commented on. That is why we chose Tyvek® for our clutch bags.  Not only does it weigh […]


So, What is So Special About BO-BORSA Tyvek® Bags?

BO-BORSA Tyvek® bags are special in so many ways. They are unique, really unusual and yet thoroughly practical. The first thing you notice about our Tyvek bags is that they are super-lightweight. Tyvek® actually weighs less than paper! So, our tote bags weigh less than 275 grams or about ten ounces. And our travel bag […]


Not Just a Tyvek® Brown Paper Bag!

At first glance our amazing Tyvek® bags look as though they are made of paper. We have one range that looks as though it is made of brown wrapping paper. And on the other hand one which looks as though it is newspaper. But things are not always as they seem and that is why […]


Style! – What is it?

Style is having the confidence to wear what you want to wear, not what everyone else is wearing. To make your own choices and not just follow the fashion. Style is having the strength of character to stand out from the crowd. To some it comes easily. But for many it is safer and less […]


Tyvek Backpack: Are Americans More Stylish or Britishers More Reserved?

A few years back when we were just setting up the business I had a work trip. That trip spanned a few days in NYC and Washington DC. I grabbed the first sample of our now top selling Tyvek backpack and jumped on the plane. Over the days in America I was stunned at the […]