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We All Need Light Luggage

It is clear now that the world is beginning to conquer the terrible Corona virus. Although it continues on a massive scale in some countries, notably the United States. But in others like Germany, New Zealand and China which took action quickly very few new cases are being reported. In China, where it all started, […]


It’s Holiday Time – Get Your First Tyvek Travel Bag

So, if you haven’t already been on holiday and you are about to go or still planning your upcoming holiday there is always so much to do and so much to prepare. How many clothes to pack (always too many), and do you really need five pairs of shoes? And where do you put everything? […]


Tyvek Travel Luggage and Bags: Travel Smart – Travel Light!

Nobody really wants to carry stuff but sometimes we have to. We have to carry things when we travel or when we go to the gym. It can be a bother. Well, you cannot avoid this but you can try to minimise the weight you have to carry and one way of doing this is […]