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So, What is So Special About BO-BORSA Tyvek® Bags?

BO-BORSA Tyvek® bags are special in so many ways. They are unique, really unusual and yet thoroughly practical. The first thing you notice about our Tyvek bags is that they are super-lightweight. Tyvek® actually weighs less than paper! So, our tote bags weigh less than 275 grams or about ten ounces. And our travel bag […]


Tyvek Backpack: Are Americans More Stylish or Britishers More Reserved?

A few years back when we were just setting up the business I had a work trip. That trip spanned a few days in NYC and Washington DC. I grabbed the first sample of our now top selling Tyvek backpack and jumped on the plane. Over the days in America I was stunned at the […]


Think About the Environment – Try Tyvek Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags

We should all be thinking about the environment these days. As protests grow all over the world people are becoming very concerned about the future of the planet if we continue as we are and do nothing. Certainly it will require major changes by nations and big corporations all over the world. But, at the […]


BO-BORSA Tyvek® iPad Cases and Covers

The thing about Tyvek® is that it has so many uses. Every day we think of new ideas for which Tyvek® might be used. We started with our tote bags which have been our most successful lines. We then added light luggage such as our travel/gym bags and backpacks. Later came umbrellas and clutch bags […]


Coming soon! The French Receipts Range of Tyvek Tote Bags

One of the great things about Tyvek is that you can print it any colour and print whatever design you like on it. Following the great success of our newspaper print range we started to look for a new design. We wanted something that would highlight the style of BO-BORSA bags and accessories. So, after […]