Time To Bag a Bargain!

Well, it has been a long time but it seems that we are, at last, and for the time being, getting on top of the Coronavirus. It certainly isn’t beaten but at least the lockdown is being ended in many countries.

Rope Plain Brown Tyvek Bag
Classic rope handle original

So, what does this mean? Well one thing it means is that we can all go shopping again but will we? You remember shops? Those places with all the stuff inside which you could go in and buy. That, of course, was long ago before the virus came. Since then we have all got used to buying online.

Previously shopping had become a major leisure activity. People, mostly women, went shopping for fun, something many men have never understood. Shopping centres or malls and the High streets or Main streets would be packed every day with shoppers carrying bags full of stuff they didn’t really need, much of which would go in the closet and never come out again.

But the virus may have changed all that. In many countries retail was already suffering with shops beginning to close being unable to compete with online retailers and only outlet or bargain shops seeming to do well.

Original Brown Tyvek Buckle Handle Bag Mauve
Two tone buckle bag

And so we are all shopping online now and it is so much easier. Why go to the bother of dressing up and travelling to the city centre or shopping centre when you can do it online? And, of course, many of us will still be nervous about going anywhere where we are mixing with strangers. Our lives have indeed changed dramatically.

At BO-BORSA we have been busy throughout the crisis and, as more and more people discover the wonders of Tyvek® our sales are doing better than ever. We shall soon be introducing many new designs and colours but, in the meantime, we are able to offer special discounts to all our loyal blog readers.

So take a look at our website and remember that for anything you order between now and the end of June there is a special discount of 25%. Place your order and when you arrive at the checkout simply enter the discount code 2020. Oh, and shipping in the UK is free and we have recently reduced shipping rates for all other countries.

Tyvek iPad Case
Newspaper print iPad sleeve

Our ranges include backpacks, travel bags, tote and sandwich bags, iPad covers, telephone cases and clutch bags, all made from amazing Tyvek® which, as you probably know, is very lightweight, super-strong (you really cannot tear it), waterproof, washable, oil and grease resistant, UV resistant and recyclable. But, above all, it looks super-cool and if you want to be noticed you really need one of our bags.

The novelty of Tyvek® is that despite all of the above qualities, it looks just like paper. We have ranges that look just like brown wrapping paper and others that look just like newspaper and both are equally amazing. If you want to be noticed and you want to set the trend with something really cool and unusual which will be much admired take a look at our bags.

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