Coronavirus and The Future

No matter who we are, where we are, what we do or how we live, for every single one of us on this planet life will never again be the same as it has been until a few short weeks ago. Coronavirus has changed everything for ever!

Although we have always known that one day there might be a pandemic like Coronavirus but we have never taken the possibility seriously enough. And then it arrived! As I write this more than 2 billion, almost one third of the world population is under ‘lockdown’.


We have no idea when the virus will be beaten but, sooner or later, it will. It may be a few months or a year or more. Certainly it will take at least a year to develop and test a vaccine. And with every day that passes the changes, which we will all have to get used to, are mounting. So, what is going to change most? Well, here are three predictions.

The biggest changes will be to do with the way we work. For more than a hundred years millions of commuters have been enduring the rush hour to travel to city centres all over the world where they have worked together in offices, often very expensive offices. What the Coronavirus has taught us is that people can work just as well from home. Many employers will realise that this is a much better and much less expensive way of working.

Second, we will travel much less. The years of going half way across the world for a second or third holiday every year will come to an end. Travel and tourism are two of the worst affected industries by the Coronavirus pandemic. Many airlines will close and those that remain will almost certainly have to raise their prices and, with less competition, they will be able to do so. The same applies to holiday companies. People will take fewer vacations and those they do take are more likely to be in their own countries.

Finally, the steady decline in high street and out of town retailing will accelerate. In many parts of the world traditional shops are closing at an alarming rate being unable to afford the ever increasing rates and taxes which online retailers do not have to pay. Online shopping will continue to boom.

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What will not change, however, is our need to meet and socialise with our friends. In this respect, places like coffee shops, restaurants and bars especially those that are themed or unusual or provide live entertainment are likely to do really well. Gyms and other sports facilities are also likely to continue to prosper. As we work more and more from home we will value more and more our interaction with our friends.

I predict also that fashion and leisure will do really well once the crisis is over. After all this time working from home, we all want to get out and meet our friends. When we do we will want to dress up and look good.

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In the meantime, please stay safe, stay home and be careful at all times.   

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