What Next from BO-BORSA?

Until now BO-BORSA has supplied a wide range of light luggage, bags and fashion accessories. Most of these bags and fashion accessories are in brown paper effect Tyvek® and in newspaper print range.

These have been incredibly successful but it is time to introduce new ranges.

Original Tyvek Mauve Buckle Handle Brown Bag

Our designers have been developing a whole new range of fantastic designs incorporating beautiful prints and colour co-ordination.

The first of these will be launched within the next few weeks. It will be our very popular buckle handle tote bags .

Working with Tyvek® is like working with a blank sheet of paper. It can be coloured or white, it can be patterned or plain and it can be printed with any design or logo.

So, if you have any suggestions of what designs you would like to see please let us know and, if we use your ideas you can expect a free bag!

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