Tyvek® – The Next Big Thing?

Tyvek Tote Bag

You saw it here first!

You know how it is, we are all looking for something new, something special, something which no one else has yet discovered. To find something new, whether it is a new products, a new style, new design or fabric ahead of everyone else you need to be smart. Sure, anyone can jump on the bandwagon once it is racing away but to be ahead of the others is special. To discover something before everyone else makes you the clever one, the one who is smart.

I have spent my life looking for new ideas and just once in a while I have discovered something that is really different, something that makes you think wow! That is really cool! Something which no one else has yet discovered and which you know at once is going to be really big.

Tyvek® is just such a discovery. It is an extraordinary material which is super-strong (believe me, it is just about impossible to tear), ultra-lightweight, weighing less than paper, is breathable, waterproof and washable and will resist almost any grease or oil stain. It can be printed in any colour and with any design. In short this amazing material has almost unlimited potential.

I was in the Far East about two years ago when I first discovered Tyvek®. It was being used to make overalls and envelopes and someone had made a handbag from it. I recognised the potential at once and so I set up BO-BORSA. The aim is to design and manufacture a range of Tyvek bags, fashion accessories and light luggage and backpacks. It took a year or so to design and sample various Beautiful Tote Bagsbags making up our initial range.

We started with a range in brown which look just like wrapping paper. We made a second range with a newspaper design. The range now includes Tyvek tote bags, travel bags, backpacks, iPad covers and handbags. And the response has been amazing. Time and again customers have bought one bag only to return for another shortly after.

The great thing about our BO-BORSA bags is that as well as having so many other advantages over the alternatives they are also inexpensive. If you wanted to save money you could buy a plastic bag (yuk!) – who wants plastic these days? You could buy a polyester or synthetic leather bag or a genuine leather bag. But you know how much they cost.

Being 100% recyclable these days is very important. More and more manufacturers and consumers are going to be looking for material that can be recycled.

Because BO-BORSA bags are so special and so unusual. Also as they have so many benefits over alternative bags I am confident that they are going to be the next big thing.

We have so many more ideas and products which we are developing so please keep in touch. I would be really very happy to receive any comments or suggestions you may have.

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