BO-BORSA – The Brand That Will Change The Face of Fashion

BO-BORSA is the first brand to bring Tyvek® onto the UK fashion scene. Tyvek® is not paper or fabric but 100% recyclable material. It is taking Asia by storm. With hundreds of applications from clothing to the envelopes you receive eBay items in. Tyvek® is the latest fashion trend now available in the UK from BO-BORSA.

Brown Paper Tyvek Cord Handle Bag

Concerned with how fast fashion industry has sped up global warming, leaving sea creatures without a home and beaches too ruined to enjoy.

BO-BORSA is changing the tide showing us that new materials, applied in a sensible, thoughtful way. This can create products that stand the test of time, are recyclable, reusable and revolutionary in everyday life.

Imagine super strong but also lightweight bags – able to carry all your heavy items but with minimal impact to your luggage allowance.

BO-BORSA is the first UK brand to utilise Tyvek® in creating unique bags and luggage. And these bags don’t cost or damage the Earth.

Michael Lambert is the Managing Director of Ideaz Ltd. and the owner of the BO-BORSA brand. He says, “I first came across Tyvek® being used in the fashion industry on a trip to Japan. When I came back to the UK I realised the material was widely used here but not in clothing or accessories.

As a brand we always Newspaper P0rint Tyvek Rope Handle Bagwanted to create practical, stylish items whilst being conscious about it’s impact on environment. Using Tyvek® as our main material has allowed us to do this.

Last year we opened our first popup shop in Chiswick. That confirmed there is a real appetite for innovative fashion in London. Now we’re really excited to extend our product range. We continue to find new and original materials to create unique pieces for our ever-growing customer base.”

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