Fashion – It is All a Question of Timing!

I watched a TED talk recently and it was all about why some businesses succeed and the majority fail. A study had been carried out involving hundreds of small businesses to find out why some had succeeded and some had failed. There were five different categories including business model, management, idea etc. but the one factor which came out on top was timing.Newspaper Print Tyvek Rope Handle Bag

I started to think about this and I realised that this just not only apply to business in general but to almost everything in life. Just think about it. We have all had good things and bad things happen to us which, had they happened at a different time would have affected us differently or not at all. Just think of the chance meeting with someone you fall in love with and end up spending the rest of your life with.

And so it is with fashion. Fashion is changing all the time. Think about what was fashionable five or ten years ago and it is likely to be no longer the fashion now. And, of course, the really difficult thing if you are a fashion designer is to create or spot the next fashion.

Just like business, I am sure that many, possibly the majority of new fashions fail. After all, not everyone can come up with an idea like blue denim jeans! But, there again, maybe it is just a question of timing.

Brown Tyvek Rope BagWe first spotted Tyvek® more than three years ago and at that time is was not known as a fashion fabric. But we were convinced that, before long, it would be recognised for what it is, a material which is super-strong, ultra-lightweight, waterproof, washable, breathable, oil and grease resistant, recyclable and with almost unlimited design potential.

And now, just three years later Tyvek® is becoming known as more and more designers and manufacturers have started to work with this wonder material.

Every day we receive offers of new lines from factories and designers in China, Russia and many other countries. In China, Taiwan and especially in Japan, Tyvek® is already widely accepted with new designs and ideas coming out all the time.

It will happen here very soon and we are ready! – It is just a question of timing! If you would like to be one of the first to own a BO-BORSA Tyvek bag take a look at our range.

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