BO-BORSA Clutch Bags – Why Tyvek® is The Perfect Material?

What do you want from a clutch bag?

You want something that is lightweight, strong and yet flexible. But, above all, you want something that looks good, something that will stand out, something that will be noticed and commented on.

That is why we chose TyvTyvek Clutch Bagek® for our clutch bags.  Not only does it weigh less than paper but it is super-strong.

And there are so many other advantages in having a BO-BORSA Tyvek® clutch bag. They are waterproof, washable and will resist almost any oil or grease. So, if you spill your make up on one of our bags you simply wipe it off with a damp cloth. They are UV resistant and fully recyclable.

Tyvek® looks and feels just like paper which is what is so unusual about this amazing material. And our unique clutch bags have been designed to look just like envelopes.

Newspaper Print Tyvek Clutch Bag

They are available in brown looking like a standard envelope and in a newspaper print. Either version is certain to attract attention and admirers.

More designs and colours will follow and we are certain that our clutch bags will quickly become one of our most successful lines.

The BO-BORSA range of Tyvek® bags is quickly becoming a huge success. This amazing material coupled with interesting and innovative designs has almost unlimited potential so keep an eye on our website for many new and exciting ideas which will be appearing in the coming months.

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