Tyvek Backpack: Are Americans More Stylish or Britishers More Reserved?

A few years back when we were just setting up the business I had a work trip. That trip spanned a few days in NYC and Washington DC. I grabbed the first sample of our now top selling Tyvek backpack and jumped on the plane.

Over the days in America I was stunned at the number of people that would stop me in the street or coffee shop. They stopped me to ask #tyvek backpack #tyvek rucksack #tyvek luggage #tyvek bagabout the rucksack and where they could buy one? The fact it was made of Tyvek® yet looked just like paper was enough. By the time I had shown them how light and strong it was, let alone waterproof, every single one of them was committed to purchasing one. The looks of disappointment when I told them it was just a sample was strange to me as a Brit. However, I took their details and contacted them and once the stock arrived, every one of them bought one.

It has often baffled me that in those years since, in Britain. Only a few times a month does someone sheepishly approach me to ask about my rucksack.

If you saw someone in the street wearing a lightweight, strong, stylish rucksack that looked just like paper and loved the look of it. Would you as a Brit be brave enough to ask them where they got it? Or is it just the case that New Yorkers have more style? If you are still unaware about the potential of designer Tyvek bags. Then check out this blog post to learn: Tyvek® – The Next Big Thing?

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