BO-BORSA Tyvek Bags – It’s All About Quality

BO-BORSA Tyvek bags, light luggage and accessories are all very successful. But success with a new product and a newPink Zip Brown Tyvek Bag range does not come easily. It takes loads of hard work, persistence, patience and, above all, you have to have the right product.

When you launch a new range of products there are always many things you have to decide upon. For example, you need to decide what your target market is going to be, young, old or middle-aged or all of the above? Are you going to sell in one country or many? What is going to be your target price range?

But, one of the most important decisions you have to make concerns quality. Are you going to aim to be cheap? In that case, you may have to sacrifice quality by using materials which are not top quality or by using cheap and less skilled labour.

If you are building a brand, quality must always be paramount. Just think of the famous brands which you buy all the time. They may well be over-priced and you may well be able to buy cheaper alternatives but because they have Tyvek Travel Bag Luggage Bucklea brand name the quality has to be good. Firms in the fashion business have always known that your quality is your reputation.

And that is why, we at BO-BORSA decided from the start that we would only ever use good quality materials and employ only the most competent and high quality manufacturers for our bags and accessories.

This meant spending many hours in factories in the Far East checking and inspecting thousands of items in close detail to ensure that none was defective. And it paid off.

BO-BORSA Tyvek bags, light luggage, backpacks and light accessories are all made from top quality strong Tyvek® manufactured by Dupont in the United States.  Using top quality high grade Tyvek® is only the beginning though. The stitching with any bag is crucial.

Just look at the stitching on our bags. Look also at the fittings. The zips are all top quality as are the metal fittings.Tyvek Brown Bag Rope Why ruin a beautiful bag by using an inferior zip? BO-BORSA bags are strong, lightweight, waterproof, washable, oil and grease resistant and, above all, very stylish and unusual.

So, take a look at our amazing bags. You will see a range in brown which look as though they are made of brown wrapping paper and another which are printed to look like newspaper. Both very stylish and really cool. Be one of the first to own one of our bags. We promise you will not be disappointed.

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