It’s Holiday Time – Get Your First Tyvek Travel Bag

So, if you haven’t already been on holiday and you are about to go or still planning your upcoming holiday there is always so much to do and so much to prepare. How many clothes to pack (always too many), and do you really need five pairs of shoes? And where do you put everything? In that big suitcase which is always so awkward to move or in the medium sized one with the wheel that is always stuck?

Tyvek Backpack

And what about what you might need at the airport or on the plane? There’s your passport, your money, some toiletries, a book, a pen, your laptop, oh, and yes some sandwiches in case you get hungry on the two hour flight! Before long you have more stuff in your carry-on bag than in your suitcase.

And hand luggage is always such a bother to carry around with you. You soon realise that most of what you are carrying you didn’t need after all.

But, supposing that the backpack you are carrying around with you was ultra-lightweight with comfortable padded back and straps. Imagine if it was literally paper light, so light, in fact, that you hardly noticed you were carrying it. Well, that is just how BO-BORSA backpacks are.

The reason our backpacks are so lightweight is that they are made from an amazing material called Tyvek®.

Tyvek Travel Bag

Tyvek Travel Bags

Dupont manufactures Tyvek® in the U.S. It is material which has almost endless uses. It is what those wristbands you wear at pop festivals are made of and it is what they use to make Fedex envelopes, you know, the envelopes which are so strong you have trouble opening them and are impossible to tear. Tyvek® is also the material which you see flapping in the wind whilst huge sheets of it are used to protect buildings which are under construction or being refurbished.

At BO-BORSA we realised what a good material this would be for making bags. And especially the bags such as backpacks or travel bags which are such a bother to carry when travelling. We realised that we could make bags that were super-strong, almost impossible to tear. And yet ultra-lightweight at the same time.

And the really interesting thing is that Tyvek® looks just like paper. The BO-BORSA range includes both backpacks and travel bags in brown looking just like wrapping paper and in our original newspaper print design. Imagine a a super-strong, ultra-light bag or backpack which looks just like paper!

So, if you want to travel with a bag that is different, that is really unusual and will attract attention and at the same time is ultra-lightweight and super-strong, be smart, take a look at BO-BORSA travel bags.

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