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What Next from BO-BORSA?

Until now BO-BORSA has supplied a wide range of light luggage, bags and fashion accessories. Most of these bags and fashion accessories are in brown paper effect Tyvek® and in newspaper print range. These have been incredibly successful but it is time to introduce new ranges. Our designers have been developing a whole new range […]


Not Just a Tyvek® Brown Paper Bag!

At first glance our amazing Tyvek® bags look as though they are made of paper i.e if they are tyvek paper bags. We have one range that looks as though it is made of brown wrapping paper. And on the other hand one which looks as though it is newspaper. But things are not always […]


Style! – What is it?

Style is having the confidence to wear what you want to wear, not what everyone else is wearing. To make your own choices and not just follow the fashion. Style is having the strength of character to stand out from the crowd. To some it comes easily. But for many it is safer and less […]