How The World is Changing?

There are times when there nothing much seems to be going in the world, when things do not seem to change very much but every now and then there comes a time when the whole world seems to be in crisis and yet, eventually, things settle down and life goes on as before.

World is Changing Rapidly

This time, though, it seems different. The world really does seem to be changing. Right now, we have no idea what will happen with the Corona Virus. It seems to be spreading very quickly although, thankfully, relatively few people have died compared with those who die of the flu, for example. Even so, politicians are talking about a pandemic which will, of course, affect millions or billions of people.

Tyvek Travel Bag Luggage
BO-BORSA Pink zip Tyvek flight bag

The other great challenge which, of course, is much more serious for the long term future of all of us, is global warming. This is affecting the whole world. Governments, businesses and individuals are now aware of how important it is to change the way we live.

And yet, are we changing quickly enough? Even now billions of trees are being cut down every year. Coal is still being burnt to fuel power stations and plastic packaging is still being used in many parts of the world.

And so we must all continue to do our best to eliminate waste and the use of non-renewable materials wherever possible. For decades we have been able to manufacture goods from all sorts of synthetic materials without think about how they would one day end up in landfill where they might take centuries to degrade.

Like almost all responsible businesses we at BO-BORSA have had to carefully consider our own products, how they are made and with what materials. Our range of gift items are being phased out and will not be replaced. Instead we will be selling only products which are Eco-friendly and recyclable. In addition we intend to continue to visit our suppliers wherever they are in the world to ensure that they are manufacturing in clean and well managed factories and that the employees are all paid fair wages.

Teak Leaf Products

Our Tyvek® ranges of backpacks, travel and sports bags, totes, iPad covers, clutches, phone cases and umbrellas will continue to be our most prominent products as we introduce amazing new items such as our ‘LEAF’ range manufactured with teak leaves, a range which will include bags, purses, wallets and pencil cases.

Leaf Wallet
BO-BORSA Teak Leaf Wallet

After the ‘LEAF’ range, later this year, we will also be launching a really smart and exciting range of bags, pouches, purses etc all manufactured from the finest linen with various striking colour combinations. And it doesn’t stop there, we have many new products which we cannot wait to introduce. But they will all be Eco-friendly and definitely recyclable.

And the great thing is that once you are committed to producing and selling only environmentally friendly products you feel so much better knowing that you are no longer damaging the planet.

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