Tyvek Umbrella – It isn’t Always Raining in London!

For some reason London has a reputation as a city where it is always raining. Some people even still believe it is also thick with smog for much of the year but both are completely wrong. For the past fifty years London has been a smoke free city and fog or smog is never seen. But, of course, it does rain in London but nothing like as often as you would think.

On average it rains on 106Tyvek Umbrellas days of every year in London which might seem like a lot of rainy days until you compare the rainfall with other cities.

In Paris, for example, it rains more often than in London, 111 days on average. In Amsterdam it is 123 days, Zurich 132 days and, believe it or not,  in sunny Miami, Florida it rains on an average 128 days per year!

Nonetheless, when it rains in London or anywhere else you need to be prepared. And that is when you see countless umbrellas throughout the city centre.

Not the plain black umbrellas which were once famous in the financial district and were carried by men in dark suits and wearing Bowler hats, (another thing which you never see these days).

Tyvek Umbrella

Instead you see umbrellas of every colour and design. Long ones, short ones, golf umbrellas, bright ones, dull ones and many of those that you buy in souvenir shops which fall apart as soon as you open them for the first time. Most of these umbrellas are made of very thin fabric which soon starts to fade and fray.

BO-BORSA UmbrellaThis is why we at BO-BORSA decided to produce a range of high quality umbrellas using Tyvek®. The thing about this material is that it is extremely lightweight, very strong, almost impossible to tear. And of course, it is waterproof. Just about the perfect material for an umbrella!

Our umbrellas are manufactured using very high quality frames. They are strong and smooth to operate. The outer Tyvek® cover is in a mellow pale brown colour. Also each umbrella is available with a contrasting bright red or yellow or dark blue lining.

So, if you want a good strong smart and stylish umbrella which will last you for years. Take a look at the BO-BORSA range of Tyvek® umbrellas.

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