American Style Tyvek® Lunch Bags

Tyvek Lunch BagsI have mentioned before what an amazing material Tyvek® is, how strong, lightweight and versatile it is. The Tyvek material it is waterproof, will resist almost any oil or grease stains which can just be wiped off with a damp cloth. Tyvek is UV resistant and most importantly, that it is 100% recyclable.

We all know how important it is to recycle and to use as little plastic as possible these days. And yet how many people go off to work every day with their lunch in a plastic or polythene bag? How many children go off to school each day with their lunch in a plastic box?

Well, this is no longer necessary. There is now a new, practical and very smart alternative from BO-BORSA.

American Style Lunch Bags

One of our most successful designs to date is a fully lined clutch bag in the shape of a traditional American style lunch bag. So, we at BO-BORSA have decided to launch a new range of very unusual, highly practical and very smart lunch bags.Tyvek Modern Lunch Sandwich BagOur lunch bags are all made of Tyvek® and will come in a range of colours. They all have an insulated lining with a foil surface. So cold food will stay cold longer and warm food will stay warm. Each bag has a magnetic button to keep it closed and has an oval shaped cut out handle.

These bags are ideal for both adults and for children. They are distinctive and unusual and extremely practical. Because BO-BORSA American style lunch bags are made of Tyvek®. They can be supplied with various different print designs. For children there is an option to supply our lunch bags in white with a black outline drawing which can be coloured in.

You can also write or draw on them and simply wipe it off afterwards. In addition to our new range of coloured bags, we will also be launching a ‘brown paper’ style versionTyvek Lunch BagI am pleased to add that BO-BORSA customised lunch bags will shortly be on sale in several major UK tourist attraction who are all keen to do everything possible to protect the environment.

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