Clutch Bag Brown


  • Doubles as makeup bag
  • Waterproof and tear resistant
  • Magnetic button close
  • Lined
  • 25 x 17 cm approx
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BO-BORSA bags, accessories and umbrellas are made from Tyvek® which is an amazing new polyurethane material manufactured by Dupont™ in the USA

Tyvek® has the following qualities:

  • Very strong and almost impossible to tear
  • Extremely lightweight weighing less than paper
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Will not be affected by grease or most chemicals
  • U V resistant
  • In tests it has been folded and unfolded more than 20,000 times without deterioration
  • Will resist temperatures from -70˚C to +100˚C
  • 100% recyclable

1 review for Clutch Bag Brown

  1. Lilja

    Although it looks odd but it is really a good clutch design to carry. Go Eco-friendly with these Tyvek clutch bags.

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